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complimentary spinal screenings

Adjust to Life Chiropractic is part of a movement to create "Global Subluxation Awareness".  The aim of this movement is to inform the public of the serious impact Spinal Subluxations can have on the spine, nervous system, and your overall health.

A healthy spine protects your nervous system, and your nervous system is the controller and coordinator of all functions of the body.  Interference to this master system causes dysfunction in the body and may lead to a wide variety of health problems.  When subluxations are removed, the body can once again function at its highest potential.  Correction or reduction of these Subluxations also prevents and halts spinal degeneration, commonly known as "arthritis". 


In our effort to enhance the health and well-being of Sunshine Coast families, we offer complimentary spinal screenings so everyone can have the opportunity to have their spine checked for subluxation.  If these spinal malfunctions are detected, our chiropractors will suggest a proper chiropractic and neurologic evaluation.  If no subluxations are detected, we recommend another complimentary spinal check in 6 months, as the simple activities of daily living are enough to cause spinal subluxation.  



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