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healthy living workshops

Part of our mission of enhancing the health and well-being of Sunshine Coast families is providing education and inspiration to encourage healthy lifestyle choices.  One way we do this is through our Healthy Living Workshops held monthly in the reception area of our chiropractic centre.  All workshops are open to the public as well as our current chiropractic patients.  


We believe that a fully functioning nervous system protected by a healthy spine is essential to optimal health and well-being.  It restores our inborn health potential for natural health and healing.  However, most conditions usually have multiple causes.  Sometimes, chiropractic adjustments alone are not enough.  In these cases, the other issues must be addressed as well.


We currently address a different topic each month for 5 months, and then repeat the cycle.  Each workshop will be coming around again, with added improvements as our doctors are constantly learning more and more about health and well-being, and sharing their knowledge with you.  

Healthy Living Workshop Series 

  • EAT WELL - Feed your genes.  We are genetically programmed for abundant health!  Eating a diet that meets our genetic requirements is essential.  Our ancestors ate FOOD, and didn't get the same diseases that are currently plaguing over 80% of our population.
  • MOVE WELL.  Exercise is a nutrient that our body REQUIRES to express our genetic capacity for health.  Busy schedules don't allow much time for exercise in today's world.  Join us as we discuss what types of exercise provide the most benefit, and how to incorporate them into our busy lives.
  • THINK WELL.  Stress is small doses is a normal, healthy part of life.  Unmanaged, chronic stress can devastate your health! Join us to learn how to manage stress as a part of life, and learn the process of "Neural Reconditioning" to re-program our brains away from stress and negativity and towards a more positive state.
  • TOXINS.  Toxins are everywhere around us in today's world.  The average person has up to 200 toxins stored in their fat cells.  Join us to discover the Toxic Top 10, and learn how to eliminate stored toxins from your body.
  • CHRONIC DISEASE.  Over 80% of people in Western Society are dying early deaths due to chronic disease!  Join us to learn the the truth about Cancer, Heart Disease, Obesity and others and ways to prevent them from attacking you!  Remember, early detection is too late!  Prevention is the key!


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