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6 ways to ease neck pain

Everyday life isn’t kind to the neck. You may be all too familiar with that crick you get when you cradle the phone between your shoulder and ear, driving the care, or the strain you feel after working at your computer.

Neck pain rarely starts overnight. It usually evolves over time. And it may be accentuated by poor posture, declining muscle strength, stress, and even a lack of sleep.

The following six tips can help you take care of your neck:

1. Don’t stay in one position for too long. It’s hard to reverse bad posture, but if you get up and move around often enough, you’ll avoid getting your neck stuck in an unhealthy position.
2. Make some ergonomic adjustments. Position your computer monitor at eye level so you can see it easily. Use the hands-free function on your phone or wear a headset. Prop your touch-screen tablet on a pillow so that it sits at a 45° angle, instead of lying flat on your lap.
3. If you wear glasses, keep your prescription up to date. When your eyewear prescription is not up to date, you tend to lean your head back to see better.
4. Don’t use too many pillows. Sleeping with several pillows under your head can stifle your neck’s range of motion.
5. Know your limits.
Before you move a big armoire across the room, consider what it might do to your neck and back, and ask for help.


6. Get a good night’s sleep. Sleep problems increase the risk for several different conditions, including musculoskeletal pain. Back and side positions are the best for your spine. Avoid stomach sleeping.


Neck pain is very common occurrence in today’s lifestyle. But if it’s occurring with other, more serious symptoms, such as radiating pain, weakness, or numbness of an arm or leg, make sure to see a qualified health professional.


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