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about chiropractic


It's simple, safe, and scientific! Chiropractic adjustments work to restore your body's normal function.

Contrary to popular belief, the normal state of the human body is healthy and pain-free.  In other words, you were born to be healthy and feel great! Chiropractic simply works to restore this normal condition to the body.  It's only through the bombardment from tv commercials, magazine ads and drug companies telling you that drugs are the answer have you lost faith the doctor within you


Compared to the average person, Chiropractors have more faith in the doctor within you and understand that you are programmed for health.  For this reason, we work to restore and maintain that innate intelligence in your body.  We know that once that intelligence is restored, the doctor within you has a better chance to heal you!  After all, when you cut yourself, who heals you?  Your body does.  Why can't it heal your sore back, chronic fatigue, or headaches?  It can...but first the interference in your body must be removed.  THIS is the purpose of chiropractic.  To adjust malfunctioning vertebrae that are causing dis-ease in your body, and interfering with your innate ability to self heal. 

How Does Chiropractic Work?


The Science of Chiropractic is simple anatomy and physiology.  We all know there is one organ in the body that controls and regulates all other organs and tissues - your Brain. (See image on right) The way the brain communicates with the other body parts is through your spinal cord and nerves. When this communication network is healthy, your body has the potential to function normally.  When there is interference to the messages traveling through your nervous system, your potential for normal function is lost.  For example, an irritated nerve from your lower back can cause sciatica.  Or a interrupted nerve supply to your stomach could result in digestive problems. 

It's that simple!  Chiropractors understand that a healthy spine surrounds and protects the spinal cord and nerves.  Keeping the spine healthy therefore keeps your nervous system healthy, and maintains your body's communication and capability for normal function.  


Is Chiropractic Right for You?


US trained chiropractors spend 7 years training to detect and correct these spinal problems interfering with your nervous system.  This condition is know as a Spinal Subluxation.  If your condition is caused by a subluxation, nothing other than a chiropractic adjustment will correct the cause.  If your condition is not caused by a subluxation, chiropractic will not be of benefit to that particular problem...but you are still better off with a healthy spine and nervous system than not.


What Makes Us Different?


At Adjust to Life, our chiropractors are great at correcting subluxations and providing relief of symptoms, often after many other therapies have failed.  However, our aim at Adjust to Life Chiropractic is to restore your health, rather than just remove your symptoms.  This is a vastly different approach to modern medicine.  This approach provide lasting results, and other health benefits you may not have expected!  More energy, better sleep, and a stronger immune system name just a few.  


Is Chiropractic Safe for People of All Ages?

Both Dr Julie and Dr Braxton have postgraduate training in Pregnancy Care and Pediatrics, so they are well prepared to take care of even your newborn baby.  In fact, we believe it is essential for all new babies to have their spines checked, as even the easiest births can be quite traumatic on their rapidly developing spines. 

Chiropractic is also safe for people diagnosed with Osteoporosis.  Our doctors are equipped with a wide variety or techniques that can be altered to each person's requirements. 

A large majority of our patients are wellness patients, aging from newborn to the elderly.  Wellness care means these people find benefit in keeping their spine and nervous system functioning at it's best with regular chiropractic adjustments.  They understand that maintaining health is much easier than trying to regain it, and that focusing on health rather than waiting for and treating sickness is a much more rewarding way to live.  


What is Wellness Care?


Below is the Illness-Wellness Continuum highlighting the difference between a Wellness Care Lifestyle and a Treatment Based Lifestyle.  As you can see, the Treatment Paradigm (modern medicine) stops when the symptoms go away.  This is why recurrence is quite common in this model, and optimal health is rarely achieved.  But once a person adopts the Wellness Paradigm, and strives to achieve his or her highest level of health, the magnificence of a fully functioning human body can then be experienced!

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A quote by one of the early chiropractors, Dr CC Gonstead, clarifies the difference between these two models. 

"Medicine is about disease ,and what causes man to die.
Chiropractic is about Health, and what causes man to LIVE."

This is not a knock against medicine, which has saved a countless number of lives and certainly deserves its place in the healthcare system.  Rather, it shows how modern medicine treats symptoms, sickness and disease while chiropractic is focused on health and

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