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chiropractic orthotics and supports

As a corrective care office, chiropractic supports and orthotics are sometimes necessary to assist in correcting the spine.  We've sourced the most effective orthotics and supports, and provide them at an affordable price.   


Chiropractic Pillows


We spend up to one third of our lives (8 hrs/day) sleeping.  Lying in an unhealthy position night after night can become a major problem, and a hinderance to your recovery.  We've sourced the best pillows to support your neck as you sleep, and they're super comfortable too! (Our chiropractors use them!)


Foot Levelers' Spinal Pelvic Stablisers (Custom Made Foot Orthotics)


Postural instablity is another contributing factor to spinal problems.  A loss of the proper arches in the feet cause the ankle to roll inwards (pronate).  This leads to an uneven and unstable base for the spine. 


Foot Levelers costom made orthotics support all 3 arches of the foot, is made of flexible material for greater comfort, and helps support whole body balance. 


Patients report their adjustments seem to hold better and longer when wearing their pelvic stablisers.  Additionally, improvements in foot, ankle, knee, and hip pain are reported.  Improvements in the entire spine are often noted when the base of the spine is stablised. 


Denneroll Spinal Orthotics


Long standing research shows the benefits of a proper lordosis (backwards curve) in the neck and good posture.  This is the purpose of the restore and support the normal saggital curves of the spine.  The Denneroll is works great in conjunction with a proper supportive pillow. 


Heel Lifts

Leg length inequality (LLI) is a contributing factor to spinal problems.  When required, we recommend inserting a heel lift into the sole our shoe to "lengthen" a short leg, and balance the pelvis. 



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