Meet Our Team



Dr Braxton is a US trained chiropractor originally from Louisiana, USA. He as been in practice since 2009. He attended Louisiana State University followed by Texas Chiropractic College, for a total of 7.5 years of study.

He graduated Valedictorian from chiropractic school and was the president of the Sports Injuries Club. Dr Braxton also completed a neurosurgery internship in his final year of chiropractic school to expand his knowledge on severe spinal and neural conditions. He and his wife Julie have 2 beautiful children, Houston and Isla.



Having recently moved from Perth WA, Dr Jason is a motivated, passionate and holistic Chiropractor of 7 years that is excited to help you along your health journey.

Dr Jason graduated from Murdoch University in 2013 and initially concentrated in the field of sports such as crossfit athletes, gymnasts, rugby players and he quickly noticed a greater impact using Chiropractic as a tool to teach the essential requirements for optimal human health and the connection between mind, body and spirit for the patients he cared for and their family.

During Dr Jasons free time he helps facilitate mens mental health workshops, volunteers at ‘adjusting the homeless’ events, supports athletic events and receives invites to give health talks for local businesses. Dr Jason and his wife Chloe (who is a Chiropractic assistant) live a healthy and active lifestyle and are excited to explore all that Queensland has to offer.



Dr Julie is originally from Houston, TX (USA) and has a long history with chiropractic. She started a chiropractic receptionist and assistant, then became a massage therapist while working to become a Doctor of Chiropractic (USA).

Dr Julie received her Doctorate of Chiropractic from Texas Chiropractic College. From an early age, she had a true passion for helping people and a fascination with how the human body works – a perfect combination that lead her into becoming a Chiropractor. She has spent many years studying physiology and health, which has further fuelled her passion for helping people achieve optimal health and wellness.
Dr Julie is currently on maternity leave and plans to return to practice in the future.



Dr Natasha loves helping people regain their health and vitality in order to live a better, fuller life. She uses a range of chiropractic techniques tailored to each individual and loves helping people of all ages reach their true potential through holistic chiropractic care.

Dr Natasha grew up in Townsville in North Queensland, before moving to Brisbane to pursue a career in music. After being a musician for so many years, a friend introduced her to chiropractic to help with her postural fatigue. She loved the philosophy of chiropractic so much that became a chiropractic assistant. After seeing all the benefits chiropractic was having day in and out for patients, she decided to move to Melbourne to study to become a chiropractor herself. She graduated from the 5 year degree at RMIT with distinction before returning home to Queensland with her fiancé Sam and dog Wolfgang.



Annie has a wealth of experience, having worked in several chiropractic clinics around Queensland. Chiropractic has helped to maintain her health and mobility to do the activities she loves. Annie enjoys living a vibrantly healthy life that chiropractic is a part of, and is eager to spread the word to others about the benefits of chiropractic. Annie enjoys being outdoors and spending time with her family and puppies.



Dr Richard Mitton (Chiropractor) graduated from RMIT in January 1987. He spent many years serving the rural community of Hamilton in Victoria before moving to the Sunshine Coast with his family in 2008. He primarily utilises manual techniques together with kinesiology testing to help active families maintain health and vitality.

Dr Richard is currently taking time away from practice to spend time with his mum in Victoria.


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